Ray Rothrock

In Energy on December 22, 2010 at 4:21 pm

I nominate for Energy Czar of the United States – Ray Mabus

Tom Friedman captured in his column this past Sunday, Dec. 19, U.S.S. Prius, the essence of a leader doing what needs to be done – Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus.  I heard Mabus on NPR recently addressing the San Francisco Commonwealth Club giving this story.  It’s a great story.  Thank you, Mr. Friedman, for capturing it for us all to read.

Mabus is doing what needs to be done and what must be done, because Congress is not willing to do it.  And that is, swapping out petroleum fuels for alternatives – biofuels, nuclear, and batteries – in all the moving vehicles of the U.S. Navy whether it be ships, planes, trucks, jeeps.  Just demonstrating that this can be done, even if for only a small portion of the Navy, will be hugely beneficial in the debate on where we get our oil and how important it is for the United States to begin the withdraw from the oil addiction which now cripples our economy and threatens our security.  The U.S. Navy will prove it can be done, and done on a large scale basis.

Since Congress is not going to take energy on in any meaningful way, it does mean that everything under the level of Congress – states, agencies, cities, neighborhoods, individuals – will have to do it ourselves.  The U.S. Navy makes a great poster case for the ability to change the direction of our energy, or really, our petroleum based future.  I’m glad they are doing it.  We should all take a lesson.

Thank you, Mr. Friedman.  But importantly, thank you Secretary of the Navy Mabus.



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