Ray Rothrock

Presidential Call for Action – Let’s get started.

In Energy on January 25, 2011 at 8:22 pm

Tonight President Obama delivered a State of the Union Speech like one I’ve not heard in a long time.  He talked about the future.  He talked about what can be done to take us from a country of yesterday ideas to a country of the future ideas.

Importantly I believe, the President cited Sputnik.  Sputnik was unique in our history; in the world.  It woke the world up and it woke the United States up.  History is often lost on folks for various reasons.  I fear that many Americans living today don’t even know what Sputnik was, what it meant in 1957, and what the United States actually did about it.

I challenge every teacher to take 15 minutes from their classes and talk about the call to action that the Sputnik was to the United States.   I agree with our President; America is at a time of transition.  It is a time to stop looking back and protecting old ideas and industries, and to move forward and to innovate industries that will create new jobs.  Innovations are needed in sources of energy, cutting technology, medicine, health services, the classroom, the manufacturing floor, and where we play and work.  There is limitless opportunity.

He challenged those pondering their careers to become teachers.  He demanded that all of us hold teachers in high esteem.  HERE HERE! !  Yes.  Let’s invest in our youth and make classrooms great so that a generation from now, there is again, no doubt that an American education is second to none.

I can’t cover it all, but finally someone, the President especially, with the pulpit of the world watching, told us what we need to be told.  Let’s get started.


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