Ray Rothrock

Texas A&M Energy Summit Feb 2011

In Energy on February 5, 2011 at 7:56 pm

Texas A&M Energy Summit sponsored by the Energy  Engineering Institute a success.  This first conference of its kind at Texas A&M has set a new bar for Texas A&M.  Reported here the summit covered the energy front from oil and gas to nuclear to efficiency to regulation and policy.  The slides by the various speakers, some not from Texas A&M were loaded with excellent data.  My big take away – NATURAL GAS, specifically shale gas is huge and this is an important area in which to investigate for investing.  The gas in Texas alone is massive

This all supports my thesis that we MUST start converting natural gas to gasoline and begin the long march to reducing our dependency on OPEC oil.  There is so much tied up in OPEC oil the least of which is the $400 billion the US spends on it every year.  This must stop!  Recent gas prices of $4.50 per and oil at nearly $100 per opens the door for this opportunity.

I’ll post when the slides are up.

Thank you, President Bowen Loftin, for making it happen.  Prof. Steve Holditch, head of Petroleum Engineering played a huge role in getting this going.


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