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Pandora’s Promise Opens Tonight, June 14 across the nation!

In Energy on June 14, 2013 at 4:43 pm


The day has finally arrived!  The documentary of which I am a co-producer,  Pandora’s Promise, will open today in theatres all across the land.  It’s getting a lot of comment and reviews.  A few links to reviews and comments are below.

New York Times



Of all the things I’ve read about what people are saying and thinking about the movie, it’s pretty clear the message is getting out there.  That message is that there is a new environmentalists emerging — one that is not stuck on dogma and old ideas or conventions or hearsay.  It is one who thinks about the science, the facts, and what is possible.  It is one who does not want to limit other people’s lives by telling them they can’t have this or that, especially electricity.  And they know that electricity directly correlates to a standard of living.  So, this is not your 1950s world of the Cold War.  This is actually a hot war — one with the climate as adversary, and one we must win for our future and our children’s future.  Nuclear power is but one  technology that can bridge the gap to an ultimate source of electricity — fusion.  (And, I’m working on that, too).  Hope you enjoy.

See you at the movies!