Ray Rothrock

Why did the Government shutdown happen?

In Venture Capital on October 18, 2013 at 1:35 pm

Every American just lived through a silly spectacle conducted by government we elected – the budget and debt crisis.  I hope we are ashamed of ourselves, because somehow I don’t think the politicians are.  I hope we don’t forget this in the next congressional election.

I’m sure much will be written by people more informed and smarter than me who will analyze this event, why it happened, and what does this all mean now.  Well, I have two observations for what it is worth about why it happened and what does it mean.  The first about the why:

  1. Gerrymandering.  We have spent a lot of time as citizens and elected officials worrying about financial bribes, buying elections, lobbyist and all the corruption that money might accomplish.  I think there is no greater corruption than what the elected officials did for themselves with gerrymandering.  They have RIGGED the elections.  Rigging an election is something no one would tolerate if the rig were simply buying votes with dollars.  So, how is it we accept this?

    Gerrymandering allows minority, unpopular and unlikely to win candidates that would not survive a general election from the general population in their state to effectively win.  Americans don’t like cheaters, and this is a form of cheating if you ask me.

What does it mean?

  1. Zero Sum Game.  The whole discussion before and after the ultimate resolution appears was about winning and losing.  Even how, every story is about  “we won and they lost” or vice versa.  This is ridiculous.   The people who lost were the citizens of the nation, the workers who were furloughed, recipients of assistance and on and on.  Even perhaps other countries around the world.  There are no winners that I can find.  Washington politics should not be about one party winning or losing.  It should about problem solving and finding good solutions for the nation, not some parochial party element.  Everyone benefits from good solutions.  Zero is an important word in this matter.

I tire of this endless debate of winning and losing.  And I tire of the corruption of the elections not by money, but by clever gerrymandering.  Shame on us voters for letting this happen.  We should think about how to undo it.


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