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Pres. Obama — Takes aim at coal pollution

In Energy, Technology on June 2, 2014 at 8:41 am

It is very clear to everyone that coal is a dirty dirty fuel.  It’s a well kept secret, in fact, that it is not.  Scores of people die just mining it.  And every year millions of people die breathing the exhaust plumes from coal burning.  As we have seen in the recent years, China, who is full speed ahead on producing electricity, has doubled their coal burning and as a result polluted their cities beyond what is even tolerable.  Look at photos from the cities there but notably at Dec. 7, 2013 Shanghai for evidence of this.  China’s economy is not going to stop, so the notion of simply saying stop burning coal will not work.

Today President Obama is putting the EPA on the front line to deal with this in the United States.  While I praise this effort, it will surely fall under the weight of legal battles and possible legislative pressure to prevent EPA from doing this.  I’m counting on the President to get this done.

We should reduce coal burning in the world, but let’s start with the US, as quickly as possible.  Whether your own science concurs with the rest of science about climate change or not, the whole notion of breathable air should put you squarely in the court of NO MORE COAL burning.

Good luck, Mr. President.

Next up in your final lap as President — R&D spending.  There is nothing more critical to the long term future of the nation, the nation’s economy, and our standard of living, than the investment in R&D.  Nothing.  And I would start with electricity generation as a top priority.